GfE’s range of PV products

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    GfE’s range of innovative high-performance materials. Image: GfE.

GfE is a leading manufacturer and supplier of sputter targets, arc cathodes and sputtering materials for PVD thin film technology. Our pure metals, alloys, oxides and cermet products are used for a variety of applications, including the manufacture of solar absorbent layers in thermal solar collectors, the production of transparent conductive oxide layers in thin film photovoltaic cells and deposition of front and back contacts for PV cells.

We offer a wide range of planar and rotatable coating materials for deposition on photovoltaic industry thin films such as CIGS, a-Si, a-Si/μc-Si, CdTe and Si wafer based cells. Standard materials we offer include AZOY® (a cost-effective alternative to ITO for TCO-films), i-ZnO, high purity Si, Cr, Mo as well as TiOx, CROMA (a cost effective alternative to high purity chromium), ROPLATE®  (high purity chromium rotatable targets) and numerous other materials and alloys as per specific customer requests.

Our unique FREILOC® bonding technology enables us to offer a variety of materials (e.g. AZOY®, i-ZnO, Mo, Ag, C) to be bonded stress-free onto stainless steel carrier tubes up to 4 meters (152’’) in length.

GfE’s innovative high-performance materials deliver efficiency, reliability and best value to the thin film manufacturing processes of our customers.



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