Generation-F® On-site fluorine generation

  • Linde's Flex-F80
    Linde's Flex-F80

The award-winning Generation-F® series from Linde provides 100% F2 on demand for use in CVD chamber cleaning applications. High-purity Fluorine gas is the highest performance cleaning gas available, improving productivity on CVD tools, reducing energy consumption and environmental impact, with ZERO Global Warming Potential.

The Generation-F® series of on-site generators are specifically designed to meet the exacting Linde's Flex-F80requirements of the electronics industry and have been supplying low-pressure, high-purity F2 gas safely and reliably to CVD tools for more than 10 years. They are modular systems capable of meeting all F2 flow, concentration and volume requirements from single tools up to large-scale thin-film silicon PV fabs. The series has been through extensive third-party testing, are CE marked, Semi S2 Certified and OEM tested and approved.



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