G59 Relay Unit Enclosures

  • Sibert G59 Relay Unit Enclosures

These G59 Protection Panels are configured to meet your Current/Power requirements for a grid-connected, embedded generation system providing in excess of 16A per phase.

Assembled by our strategic manufacturing partner, CPS Ltd, these units are designed to protect against:

  •     AC voltage change
  •     Frequency change
  •     Vector shift / ROCOF

Each G59 relay enclosure is fitted with an internally mounted G59 relay complete with LCD display screen, manual reset button, last trip record and sealable locking facility. Each panel is supplied with a door-interlocked (padlockable) isolator switch for additional user protection that enables the user to manually disconnect the embedded generator. A green indicator lamp "Connected" is fitted on the enclosure door to give quick indication to the user that the DNO grid source is connected. Control circuits and relay voltage inputs are fitted with single-pole miniature circuit breakers.

The G59 relay is of the programmable type with functions relating to:

  • Under & over-voltage 230v single-phase or 400v three-phase (ANSI 27/59)
  • Under & over-frequency 50Hz (ANSI 81L/H)
  • Vector shift (ANSI 78)
  • ROCOF (ANSI 81R)
  • Voltage asymmetry (ANSI 47)
  • Positive sequence under voltage
  • Negative sequence over voltage
  • Phase sequence supervision
  • Under and over-voltage/frequency has two stage settings to cover short-term as well as long-term disturbances as defined in G59/2 regulations
  • Adjustable time-delay for automatic fault reset (if required)
  • 5 relay outputs can be configured & wired to terminals (optional extra) to enable a wide range of signalling & trip methods.



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