FPI solar: Inline process control for large scaled thin-film panels

  • FPI solar
    FPI solar


  • Modular Multiprocessor System for Defect Detection, Coating Layer Uniformity and Haze Optimization
  • Fast and simultaneous measurement within process cycle time
  • 16,000 points/10 seconds for 2.2m x 2.6m size samples
  • Closed Loop feedback on every process step to control and optimize production


dr.schwab's in-line inspection system FPI solar is the leading solution for process control, supplying FPI solarfast high resolution and full surface analysis. dr.schwab's proprietary series of spectrometers allows high-speed and high-resolution layer thickness measurement over a wide thickness range covering the complete surface of large scaled panels.  The modular design of the system suits virtually any sample size, e.g. a panel width of 2.2 metres or bigger. By providing exceptionally detailed feedback on the status of the production, the FPI solar supplies maximum support to reach optimum process efficiency.


Coating Thickness & Haze

  • Inhouse developed white light spectrometer
  • Nanoscale measurement of all layers (incl. TCO)
  • Spectral haze analysis
  • 40-80 optical fiber units
  • Rapidly process entire panel

Defect Detection

  • High resolution CCD line-scan cameras (35 µm/70µm pixel resolution)
  • Detects surface and coating flaws
  • Near Darkfield Channel for local surface unevenness
  • Laser scribe inspection

Process Control

  • Optimize entire production process
  • Closed Loop feedback on every process step
  • Correlate results with process parameters
  • Advanced trend, comparison & statistical evaluation.



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