Entegris Multifunction Shipper

Introducing the new Entegris Multifunction Shipper designed to provide wafer and cell manufactures with decreased breakage, improved transportation efficiencies, and lower labor and waste costs.

Constructed with cleanable polypropylene materials, the shipper can be used multiple times and efficiently recycled. Furthermore, the shipping system maximizes the number of cells or wafers on a pallet; improving transportation efficiencies and reducing warehousing costs. By serving as both a sorting bin and a shipper, it eliminates manual transfer steps which endangers cells, improves throughput and reduces labor costs.

Increased protection

• Increases protection in transit, sorting and storage
• Reduces risk of damage by eliminating manual transfers

Transportation efficiencies

• Maximizes the number of cells or wafers on a pallet
• Improves transportation and warehouse costs

Reuse and recycling

• Offers reuse and recycling
• Eliminates waste and costs for a "green" alternative

Cost reduction

• Lowers shipping and warehouse costs with more cells per shipment
• Reduces costs and waste with reuse and recycling
• Improves automation efficiencies to save labor costs


• Enables automation from sort bin to shipping
• Removes a slow manual transfer



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