Digital Inclinometers

  • Sibert Digital Inclinometers

When a requirement exists to measure the angle of incidence of the roof and/or the solar modules, an inclinometer can be a very useful device for any Solar PV installer to have in their tool-kit. Sibert offers a variety of solutions depending on your requirements and budget.

Determining the relative or absolute angle readings is easily performed and shown on a clear and accurate digital display with varying degrees of functionality depending on which option you choose to use. Some key characteristics of our product range are listed below:

  •     Angle measurement to 0.1degrees
  •     360degree measurement range
  •     3V Lithium battery (MINIPRO, LD360 & LD360M)
  •     9V PP3 battery (DLL600)
  •     >2000hrs battery life
  •     Auto-shutdown / power-save
  •     Precision engineered framework/casings
  •     MINIPRO - Relative angle measurement only
  •     LD360/LD360M/DLL600 - Relative and Absolute angle measurement
  •     Supplied with leather case



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