Diffusion furnace

  • Roth & Rau's Diffusion system
    Roth & Rau's Diffusion system

Together with its subsidiary Tecnofimes S.r.l., Roth & Rau develops novel in-line diffusion furnaces which are, next to the antireflective coating, highly influential in the efficiency of crystalline silicon solar cells. Tecnofimes furnaces use ceramic rolls instead of metallic belts as transportation mechanism for the cells. This avoids any metal contamination.

The rolls are fixed in place with only axial rotation, guaranteeing low wear and tear of components.Roth & Rau's Diffusion system The heating chamber is separated into different heating zones that are independently controlled. Each zone can run different gases compared to the other. Low power consumption (less than 25% of belt systems) is achieved thanks to the low heat load. There is no active cooling and/or heating required for transportation mechanism outside the processing area. The cooling section can be kept short, without the use of cooling water.

The diffusion furnace delivers a very accurate and repeatable temperature profile. Its design guarantees a long working life of the ceramic components and the heating system. Roth & Rau’s furnaces guarantee low cost of ownership thanks to low power consumption and no need of water cooling. Modular design enables a wide variety of customer cell throughput and capacity needs, from 10MWp up to 100MWp per year. The resistively heated ceramic muffle within the heating chamber guarantees excellent temperature uniformity/repeatability.



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