CdTe Thin Film Characterization

The main areas for improvement of CdTe thin film PV products are the cell and module efficiencies.  Materials characterization using EAG surface analysis methods can be used to support R&D of efficiency improvements and also to monitor starting materials and production processes.

As for other thin film PV technologies, materials characterization methods provided by EAG can help optimize CdTe Thin Film PV device structures, as detailed below.

1.Transparent conducting oxide (TCO) on glass

Phase analysis: XRD

Thickness: XRR, TEM

Composition: XPS, RBS

Surface morphology: AFM

2. CdS layer

Phase, composition, impurities: XRD, XPS, RBS, XRR, and SIMS

Surface morphology: AFM


3. CdTe layer

Feedstock impurities: GDMS

Phase: XRD

Grain information: SEM, TEM

Dopants and impurities: SIMS

Diffusion: SIMS

Stoichiometry: LEXES

Surface morphology: AFM

Surface chemistry: XPS, TOF-SIMS

4. Metal contact

Cu diffusion: SIMS

CdTe/metal interface: STEM/EDS, STEM/EELS, AES

Composition, thickness, phase: RBS, XRR, XRD, XPS, and AES

5. Encapsulant material: GCMS, Raman, FTIR.

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