c.LAS – Laser system

For high-efficient laser applications in c-Si solar cell processing:

  •     Laser diffusion on wafer front side (selective emitter)
  •     Laser ablation on wafer front side (selective emitter)
  •     Rear side laser processing (e.g. opening of dielectric layers)
  •     Further processes according to customer requirements

c.LAS combines excellent process performance with a small footprint and low total cost of ownership. The linear transport system allows simple wafer handling with a very low rate of wafer breakage.

centrotherm provides c.LAS together with additional equipment and best in market process knowledge for selective emitter formation.


  •     Easy implementation of innovative laser technologies in production lines
  •     Excellent accuracy due to multi-camera wafer recognition
  •     High throughput
  •     Good scalability
  •     Very low breakage rate
  •     Homogeneous laser beam profile: flat top
  •     High velocity scanner optics
  •     Production line upgrades (equipment and process) for solar cell efficiency improvement



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