c.BONITE - PECVD Lab & Pre-coating system

c.BONITE is suitable for PECVD deposition processes in research & development. Ease of maintenance is ensured since the deposition is physically confined to the graphite boats holding the wafers. The process chamber is only marginally affected by parasitic deposition. Thus, chamber cleaning is reduced to yearly or bi-yearly tasks without notable impact on tool uptime.

Furthermore, the system is designed for silicon nitride pre-coating of graphite process boats after wet chemical cleaning. Using this newly developed external pre-coating system availability and throughput of the production equipment can be increased by 4 - 6 %.

  •     Low total cost of ownership and Capex
  •     Fully automated process
  •     Single chamber system
  •     Manual loading by trolleys
  •     Suitable for all standard PECVD process boats
  •     Cycle time 4 h
  •     Small footprint

Processes: PECVD-processes for R&D purposes



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