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Tomark Industries announces new EVA supplier for PV modules

Tomark BixCureTomark Industries, Inc. is proud to introduce BixCure™, a new line of EVA encapsulant from BIxby International for use in the manufacture of PV modules. The introduction of the BixCure™ EVA encapsulant complements Tomark's current Photomark® EPE product offerings, strengthening our commitment to serve the growing global PV market.

Fast curing EVA encapsulant with great properties!

BixCure™ is formulated with low-gel EVA resins providing high transparency and non-tacky matte finish on both sides. Our products are designed for fast cure, great elasticity and high elongation.

Characteristics of the encapsulant include:

  • Fast Cure
  • Excellent Adhesion to Difficult-to-Bond Substrates
  • Outstanding Weather Resistance & Clarity
  • Superior High-Temperature Performance
  • Low Shrink
  • Greater Power Retention After Accelerated Testing
  • High Transparency / Very Low Yellowness Index (YI)
  • Elasticity – High Elongation
  • Modified Sheet Surfaces for Reduced Tack, Ease of Lamination and Handling, De-airing, as well as Low Cell Breakage
  • Laminate with More Aggressive Surface Away from Cell
  • Available with or without Release Liner, on Glass Scrim, or onto Customer
  • Specified Films
  • UL Listed – File Number E328010

Available in rolls or sheets in the following dimensions:

  • Thickness 6 – 60 mils (150 – 1,500μm)
  • Width 4 – 72 inches (100 – 1,829mm)
  • Standard core size 6”, others avail. upon request

Bixby Develops Custom Extruded Solar Products for Your PV Laminations.



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