The BBB-system (bus-bar bonding by ultrasonic welding) performs automated contacting of thin-film substrates by ultrasonic welding. The system is likewise alternative/addition to GEROLD's equipment for automated contacting based on conductive adhesive application.

Ultrasonic welding offers several benefits over customary contacting processes, e.g. the metallic, flux-free connection of bus-bar to moly, improved contact resistance, better peel-test strength, and more economic operating costs.

The bonding station composes of two or three ultrasonic welding systems, depending on module design. These are actuated servo-controlled for repeat accurate and reliable ultrasonic bonding. Bus-bar feeding and application is effected by a servo-controlled bus-bar bridge equipped with two or three cartridges for bus-bar rolls.

Ultrasonic welding calls for special surface properties and cleanliness in regards to TF-stack residues. GEROLD has devised a special cleaning process, patent pending, to permit reliable ultrasonic welding with its BBB-system. A complementary station is available.



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