Backend-automation is engineered to specific needs, whereas GEROLD targets the thin-film and crystalline photovoltaic-module market segments on equal terms.

  • Backend automation incl. process equipment handshakes
  • Clean room suitable belt and roller conveyors, transfers, rotating stations and alignment stations
  • Buffers and accumulators
  • Inspection and measurement systems for quality control
  • Automated contacting equipment (gluing, ultrasonic-welding, soldering)
  • Butyl-application
  • Foil sheeting and lay-up
  • Module assembly systems
  • Laminator loading/unloading
  • Automated trimming cells
  • Workstations for junction box attachment
  • Automated framing stations
  • Light-soaking, Flash testing
  • Hi-pot & wet-leakage test equipment
  • Labeling and palletizing
  • Sequence software and production flow visualization



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