Automatic bussing system

  • 2bg automated bussing system
    2bg automated bussing system

Product Briefing Outline: 2BG Srl extends its product line with the complete automation of bussing soldering process in order to meet the high demand of quality production and throughput. This in-line system operates as robotic workstation which solders bus ribbons to solar cell strings for completing the electrical interconnection of the module prior lamination. It is positioned after the strings layup and allows reaching a high automation degree of panel assembling line.

Problem: The bussing process is a very critical step of whole assembling process and is closely related to the final product quality and efficiency of panel. For this reason in the manual bussing station is important to choose very skilled operators with soldering iron. In any case the manual process cannot guarantee repeatability and stable results with fixed cycle time.

Solution: Thanks to advanced technologies, the outstanding know-out and the solid experience, 2BG offers the ideal solution for the bussing process, overcoming all problems of manual soldering. Wire preparation and placement are done with high accuracy by robots with special tools and device. Particular attention has been paid with the choice and integration of soldering technology and vision camera with the purpose to assure the best combination of performance and reliability.

Applications: Automatic interconnection of solar strings

Platform: With the new automatic bussing station the solar cells are not subjected to mechanical strain, thanks to the high quality of soldering without heating. The robotic cell is designed to allow the complete process flexibility with low maintenance cost and low operating cost.

Availability: Currently available



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