ASCM – Turnkey Solutions for crystalline silicon solar cells

  • ASCM

With the "Advanced Solar Cell Manufacturing" (ASCM) concept, Roth & Rau offers, as general contractor in co-operation with partners from research and industry, complete production lines for the industrial manufacturing of crystalline silicon solar cells. The ASCM concept is a package of equipment, process technology, automation solutions and software for production monitoring.

It is characterized as, next to a high technological level, a consistent in-line manufacturing system. The main focus is the usage of an optimized production technology with high efficiency potential for multi-crystalline solar cells, which was developed at the Netherlands Energy Research Center ECN.

ASCM includes customer support with factory layout planning; the purchase, installation and start-up of the production equipment; adjustment and optimization of the individual production steps; training of the customer’s operators and service staff as well as the ramp-up of the solar cell production line to the nominal production capacity and the target quality of the solar cells. The production of silicon solar cells from silicon wafers can take several process steps, which can involve a wide range of equipment. Depending on the specific requisites of the customer, this equipment is chosen on the basis of performance and cost, with a preference for in-line systems. ASCM

Turnkey solution features:

  •     Continuous processing
  •     Easy and careful handling
  •     High yield
  •     High initial efficiency
  •     High up-time
  •     Low running costs
  •     High throughput
  •     Independent of wafer sizes
  •     Per year of 30/60MWp.



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