ASCM – Turnkey Solutions for CdTe thin film solar modules

  • ASCM CdTe
    ASCM CdTe

Roth & Rau's "Advanced Solar Cell Manufacturing" (ASCM) concept  offers, with the company acting as as general contractor in co-operation with partners from research and industry, complete production lines for the industrial manufacturing of crystalline silicon solar cells.

The ASCM concept is a package of equipment, process technology, automation solutions and software for production monitoring. It is characterized as, next to a high technological level, a consistent in-line manufacturing system. Roth & Rau, offers turnkey CdTe solar module production lines and uses its comprehensive experience about turnkey lines for the crystalline solar technology. CTF Solar GmbH, a subsidiary of Rpth & Rau AG, has the know-how to manufacture high efficiency thin-film solar modules on the basis of cadmium telluride (CdTe solar modules).




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