Alpha® Silver Conductor & Conductive Adhesive

ALPHA® Silver Conductor & Conductive Adhesive are high conductivity products specially formulated for cell metalization and panel assembly applications.

ALPHA® n:1000-IJ (ink jet)

ALPHA® n:1000-SP (screen print)

ALPHA® n:1000 ink jet and screen print products from Alpha PV Technologies specifically developed to deliver high conductivity, low process temperatures, good adhesion and high reliability printing.

Features & Benefits

  •     Low process temperatures150°C - 350°C. (SP can be processed at up to 900°C)
  •     High conductivity silver lines in the range of 3 - 5 µΩcm.
  •     Consistent print characteristics.
  •     Long shelf life and easy start up.
  •     Excellent adhesion to various substrates including silicon, polymers, glass and ceramic.


Silver Filled Epoxy

This material is an electrically conductive, die attach adhesive that has been formulated for microdot dispensing. The material is hardened by thermal processing in IR, convection, conduction or vapor phase equipment.

  •     Off-contact printing via ink jet
  •     Enhanced conductivity of transparent conductors
  •     Designed for low temperature processing



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