AD3KH Series

High capacity dry pumps, Solutions for Solar, FPD and SC industries.

The AD63KH and AD73KH are big dry pumps (up to 6,000 m3/h) especially designed to withstand the solar cell processes. They offer high inlet flow capacities in N2 and H2 (up to 100 slm continuously), but can also address big volumes (up to 10m3 for the AD73KH). Manufactured with field proven materials for corrosion resistance, the AD3KH series is compatible with NF3 cleans. Based on the reliable Series 3 primary pumps for semiconductor, the benefits are an easy maintenance with dual wheel mounted frames, a power consumption among the lowest on the market, and a reduced footprint.

Moreover, the safety aspects have been enhanced to resist to powders and use of hazardous precursors (PECVD SiN, or Silane/H2). These pumps are based on a modular concept, they can easily be transformed to adapt higher pumping speeds.

Finally, all the processes can be addressed, from the mono/poly crystalline to thin films with amorphous silicon, including harsh cleaning processes.



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