• Alcatel's ADKL
    Alcatel's ADKL

Dry pumps for Fast evacuation of large volumes -> advanced solutions for FPD and Solar industry.

Based on a robust 400 m3/h multi-stage dry pump combined with 2 models of Roots blowers, these pumps offers :

- high pump down performance with Atm. to 10-1 mbar on 1000 liters in less than 50 sec for AD30KL and 34 sec for AD70KL, with a heavy cycling capability.

- low power consumption thanks to a unique boost/ stand-by mode (can be as low as 1,8 kW in standby)

- low footprint (<1 m2)

The automatic boost/stand-by mode for both the dry pump and the associated Roots blower is a major contributor to energy savings. Actually for production of solar panels, the effective utilization ratio of the load-lock pumps can be as low as 15%. It means that in this case, for 85% of the time, the pump is rotating at low speed and the energy savings are up to 40%.

This automatic boost sequence can also be delayed to have a first soft pumping sequence at high pressures, to reduce possible water freezing and particle contamination without any additional hardware.



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