AC/DC Clamp Meter

  • Sibert AC-DC Clamp

The Metrel MD9230 Clamp Meter is a universal current clamp for measuring DC and TrueRMS AC voltages up to 600V as well as DC and TrueRMSAC currents up to 1000A. With a broad spectrum of measurement functions and features, it is an ideal tool for Solar PV installers to keep in their tool-kit.

Test Functions:

  •     DC and TRMS AC voltage up to 600V
  •     DC and TRMS AC current up to 1000A and 800A respectively
  •     Resistance measurement
  •     Continuity test function
  •     Diode test function
  •     Capacitance measurement

Key Features:

  •     Auto-ranging
  •     LCD display with backlight, 3-3/4 digit, 4000 count
  •     Data hold
  •     Peak hold
  •     Acoustic signalling on continuity test
  •     50mm jaw opening
  •     Resistance measurement up to 40.0Mohm
  •     Capacitance measurement from 500nF to 3000uF
  •     Protected against incorrect connection
  •     CAT III/600V overvoltage category
  •     290grams weight
  •     78mm x 40mm x 227mm (WxHxL)



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