A3H Series

  • Alcatel's A3 Series
    Alcatel's A3 Series

A3 P range: Low power consumption dry pumps for medium applications.

The Series 3 pumps are widely used in PECVD Ni furnaces with high reliability data, as these processes are less severe as some in semi-conductors. The benefits of these pumps are low CoO (electricity costs, cooling water costs, maintenance costs) and high reliability.

This new range of pumps called A3H from 600 to 1800 m3/h with increased inlet flow capacities are now available for the most demanding applications (A803H, A1803H). They can address big volumes up to 50m3.

Adixen dry pumps have a low energy and cooling water consumption, which will contribute to reduce the total amount of energy needed to manufacture the solar cell. In addition, most of dry pumps power consumption is dissipated into cooling water. This means that low energy consumption pays off twice, as usually the water will be cooled down thanks to extra power consumption.

The A3H series can handle the pumping of transfer chambers, and all the processes (deposition, etch, ...) depending on the flow requirements.



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