Winaico: Taiwan in the fast lane

Often Taiwan, Korea, Japan and other Asian countries are thrown into one big pot with China. In terms of PV module production there are vast differences between Taiwan and China. While China always set its focus on the mass production of consumer goods, whereas Taiwan concentrated on the production of electronic components and the improvement of its production processes. These differences in approach led to extremely high demand from China for Taiwanese experts. WINAICO asserts its position in a difficult market environment and looks back satisfied with its achievements in the last year.

Today, Taiwan is an important location of the global photovoltaic market.

Within a generation, Taiwan developed from its agrarian past to a high technology country. Very few European consumers know that 90% of all smartphones, notebooks and mother boards as well as 60% of all semiconductors are produced by Taiwanese companies such as HTC.

Besides HTC, Taiwan is home to other big companies such as Acer, Asus, D‐Link and Giant. For many electronic components, the global IT sector depends heavily on Taiwanese key components.

Within the present phase of market consolidation, Taiwan continues to gain importance as a production country due to experience from the semiconductor industry and qualitative manufacturing. At this stage many manufacturers worldwide already trust in the quality and purchase their cells from Taiwan. This
development was strengthened after the enacting of punitive tariffs on Chinese solar modules by the USA.

As more and more photovoltaic companies jumped on the bandwagon of market growth, WINAICO started its production with the aim of quality leadership working with semiconductor company Win Win Precision Technology.

WINAICO´s state-of-the-art and fully automated production plants assure that the highest possible international production standards are achieved. WINAICO uses the excellent process know-how of semiconductor production also for the quality management. For example, WINAICO checks every module for hotspots and micro-cracks by performing an electroluminescence test. Furthermore WINAICO has an own, in-house test laboratory, which continuously tests according to or even above TÜV standard. The quality assurance of components and production improvements is very important. Thanks to the quality-focused production approach, WINAICO achieves a 99.85% usability of the manufactured modules; a peak value and important factor for the stabilization or assurance of production costs.

In addition to the process know-how, the selection of premium components is of importance for the life period of a photovoltaic module. Especially concerning the cells, there are serious differences in quality, what can be ascribed to the silicon purity, the manufacturing process and the transport among other things.

Close links to cell suppliers makes it possible for WINAICO to realise a strict incoming goods inspection and to contact them directly in case of abnormalities. The quality is not only of importance for the cells, but also for all other components of a photovoltaic module. Glass, EVA foil, frame, backsheet, junction box and solar tape are exclusively purchased from well-known manufacturers that have experience in the market and ensure a high degree of quality assurance.

Taiwanese module manufacturers meanwhile assumed a technology leadership. Recently a new technology was developed there: a combination of integrated rear side passivation and selective emitter technology into the solar cell (PERC). One of the highest efficiencies for monocrystalline modules in serial production can be achieved with this technology. Thanks to the activation of the solar cell rear side and the passivation of the surface, the module achieves a higher light yield as well as a clearly improved temperature coefficient. For customers the improved weaklight behaviour and the increased efficiency at raised ambient temperatures mean an increased specific annual yield.



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