True DC Disconnectors

  • Sibert IMO

Sibert is pleased to announce a new partnership with a leading manufacturer of high-quality disconnection/isolation products for the PV installation marketplace. Switching of high voltage/current DC supplies from PV installations is something that must be handled correctly by the proper use of disconnectors designed for purpose.

These products are available in a range of ratings and configurations. Whether enclosed, DIN-rail or panel-mounted, the design of the contact block is such that the DC supply is made or broken within no more than 5ms irrespective of how quickly or slowly the operator turns the handle. Self-cleaning, knife-edge contacts that slide apart help to avoid arcing although long arc-chambers are built in to the design as standard.

By virtue of the fact that these products are designed for purpose, the same enclosure and contact block size is used for either 2-pole or 4-pole switching. Linking contacts in series is not necessary which means that a 4-pole switch can be used to isolate 2 separate strings. This therefore reduces the need for multiple isolators when installing greater than single-string PV systems.

Under the G83/1 infrastructure, it is imperative that DC switching is not managed by an equivalently rated AC switch. Breaking an AC current/voltage is a much simpler and less arduous task - compromising on proper DC isolation/protection is strongly discouraged.



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