Support for the Dii from a further 17 Associated Partners from industry and research

Munich - One year after its establishment, the international Dii industry initiative set up to realise the Desertec vision welcomes a further 17 Associated Partners from all branches of the economy. For the first time, two research institutes have also joined the initiative. The new members come from the solar energy, finance and consultancy, and manufacturing sectors. They support the prime object of the initiative, which is to build up partnerships with governments and companies from the countries of the MENA and EU regions.

The new Associated Partners of the Dii industry initiative are as follows:

• AGC Group (
• Audi (
• BASF (
• BearingPoint (
• Bosch Rexroth AG (
• Concentrix Solar (
• Conergy (
• Deloitte (
• FCC Energía (
• Fraunhofer Gesellschaft (
• GL Garrad Hassan (
• HSBC (
• ILF Consulting Engineers (
• Maurisolaire (
• Max-Planck Gesellschaft (
• SMA Solar Technology (

Now with some 18 shareholders and 32 Associated Partners in North Africa, the Middle East and worldwide, the initiative is represented by a powerful network of companies in 13 countries.

Paul van Son, CEO of the Dii said: "The wide-ranging know-how of our partners is a key element in driving forward the sustainable development of energy supply in the MENA countries and in parts of Europe. Realising the Desertec idea will bring advantages to all participating parties."

At the end of 2012, the Dii industry initiative will put forward an implementation scenario for the period up to 2050. Another of the Dii's core objectives is to plan reference projects demonstrating the basic feasibility and cost efficiency of the solar and wind technologies in use.

At its first annual conference in Barcelona (26/27 October 2010), the Dii will comprehensively review the opportunities and obstacles with regard to generating electricity from the desert. The conference will bring together representatives from all the key interest groups for Desertec, thus creating a forum for a future-oriented dialogue between Europe, the Middle East and North Africa. The detailed programme of the Dii annual conference and a list of speakers can be found on the conference website.

About Dii

The Dii is an international initiative established in July 2009 as the "Desertec Industrial Initiative". On 30 October 2009, Dii GmbH was founded under German law.



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