Solar Industry Award 2012 – shortlisting of Sikasil AS-780

  • Solar Industry Award 2012 – shortlisting of Sikasil AS-780
    Solar Industry Award 2012 – shortlisting of Sikasil AS-780

The newest adhesive innovation for enhanced backrail bonding on photovoltaic modules has been shortlisted for the Solar Industry Award 2012. The Sikasil AS-780 has been nominated in the category of “PV Process Award” as it is recognised in excellence of process improvements in PV module manufacturing. The voting for the shortlisted solutions is now open.

The Solar Industry Award has been created to recognise the whole value chain and those people, products and services that will develop innovative manufacturing and product approaches that have the potential to overall performance of PV solutions.

Durable and process optimised bonding of backrails or other mounting systems

With the new innovation of Sikasil AS-780, Sika is introducing a new generation of two component Silicone technology for process integrated backrail bonding.

The Sikasil AS-780 combines the exceptional long term performance of a structural Silicone used in the façade industry with the process ability of a high tack and high green-strength adhesive. The initial green strength and strength development is much higher than existing Silicone technologies. This unique product makes it now feasible to bond the mounting devices and handle the assembled parts within the standard production lines and cycles without the need for any large buffer zones or pre-fixation devices. Furthermore the appearing tolerances between modules and mounting device can easily be compensated by the paste like adhesive and the applied bead geometry. At the same time the Sikasil AS-780 meets the requirements of the most severe structural glazing standard for façades, the EOTA ETAG 002. This standard is concluded with the expectations of a lifetime of at least 25 years on the tested system. This means the bond will last for decades under harsh environmental outdoor conditions with UV, rain and heat as well as under loads from wind and snow with the corresponding joint geometry.

The innovative Sikasil AS-780 enables the PV module and system providers to move forward with the desired cost and material savings in fixation solutions with a secured long term performance and simplified process integration.

If you have the same impression that the new innovation Sikasil AS-780 deserves the Solar Industry Award 2012 for the category of “PV Process Award” you can vote for the solution until September 2nd under this link.



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