Solar Connector Crimp Tools

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    Crimp tool

Sibert is pleased to announce a new partnership with a major European manufacturer of dedicated hand crimp-tools for the PV market.

These modular Solar Crimp-Tool Kits are available with interchangeable crimp die-sets for the most common connectors in the market including MC3, MC4 and Tyco Solarlok.

Also available is a small, light, and easy to use cable stripping tool, for preparation of most standard solar cables without adjustment from 2,5 - 6,0 mm. The stripping length is pre-set to 8,5 mm and needs no adjustment. The easily interchageable die-set cassette makes this tool long lasting and economical due to the fact that only one tool handle is needed, regardless of the number of different die-sets being used.

We can also supply custom-styled tool-cases with inserts designed to hold the handle, die-sets and stripping tool if required.



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