Radyne unveils induction Braze-Vise System for solar thermal collector manufacturing at Solar Power

  • VersaPower Xtreme VXL10 Induction Power Supply

Radyne Corporation, an Inductotherm Group Company, unveils a revolutionary new flame-less Green technique for induction brazing the copper manifolds that are the core of all solar thermal systems. The Braze-Vise dramatically reduces the time required to braze copper tubes to a manifold (up to 50% or more over flame) depending on configuration options. The Braze-Vise virtually guarantees repeatable and reliable quality on every joint due to its 100% Digital iQ control technology which repeats the programmed recipe faithfully on every braze.

The revolutionary high efficiency Braze-Vise is comprised of Radyne’s new VersaPower Xtreme VXL10 Induction Power Supply and the Versa-Vise variable geometry induction heating vise. The system will be on display with brazing demonstrations at Solar Power International - Inductotherm Group Booth #4838.

Unlike flame brazing approaches, the high efficiency Braze-Vise only uses energy when it is brazing a joint. No longer do you need to have open flames burning 24-7 eating up carbon credits on your shop floor. At the heart of the Braze-Vise is Radyne’s new Digital iQ control technology which is incredibly easy to use and offers advanced communication, control and programming features previously unseen in induction power supplies. This makes creating heating profiles a snap and ensures quality joints with rock solid repeatability. The System’s Digital iQ control technology is 100% digital and provides unmatched responsiveness with the ability to deliver 100% of rated power in under a millisecond from command.

Radyne is releasing the Braze-Vise along with the Versa-Vise and the VersaPower Xtreme power supply line to the market in Q4 - 2011 in North America and the rest of the world in mid - 2012. These power supplies will be released as 5, 10, 25, and 50 kW units with a frequency range of 100 – 400 kHz,  20 – 80 kHz and, coming in 2012, 50 – 200 kHz and the VXuL with frequencies in the range of 400-1200Hz.

“We’re pleased to bring a focus on ease-of-use, efficiency, and repeatability to enable an innovative new production process for the Solar Power and Alternative Energy Industries.  It is ironic that this process is performed today by burning gas,” said Justin Mortimer, president/CEO of Radyne Corporation.  “After all, shouldn’t the manufacturing technology used in making alternative energy systems make use of green energy manufacturing techniques?”

For additional information, visit http://www.radyne.com or contact Radyne at sales@radyne.com.



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