KLNE moves into Italian market

The Research and Development department of KLNE has announced that their range of Sunteams inverters have acquired the Italian ENEL certification after completion of testing by an independent authority. This means that the range is now approved for use and can be connected to the Italian national grid.

KLNE has brought salespeople from Italy to work in its International Business department. They are already contacting distributors and wholesalers interested in carrying KLNE product throughout Italy. KLNE has established a local phone number in Italy (0039 199442367) for clients wishing to call the company in Beijing.

A KLNE spokesperson said "It's important that we make it as easy as possible for Italian distributors and wholesalers to communicate with us. We brought Italian salespeople from Italy because it increases the comfort of the prospects when they can speak to someone who is local. It's been very successful so far and we are sure that our presence in the Italian market will grow throughout 2011 and beyond. The local phone number and the Italian staff are just part of our ongoing commitment to the Italian market in particular and the European one in general."



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