Kipp & Zonen launches user-friendly mobile website

  • Kipp & Zonen launches user-friendly mobile website.
    Kipp & Zonen launches user-friendly mobile website.

In response to the increasing number of visits to its website via mobile devices, Kipp & Zonen now launches a user-friendly, mobile-optimised version. All the basic information visitors need is now available on their smartphones; from product information to finding a local distributor.

“In the past year we’ve seen a significant growth in visitors to our website using mobile technologies. Although our website works very well, we felt we could improve the experience for visitors who are out of the office by offering a simple and easy to navigate portal with only the main information necessary. The new mobile site is dedicated to solar energy solutions; with our main products, news, events and contact information. We’re sure that this resource answers the needs of busy people who wish to access information on the move.” says Kelly Dalu-Karlas, marketing communication specialist at Kipp & Zonen.

The mobile version of the website is divided into seven sections and starts with an explanation of the importance of accurate and reliable solar radiation measurement for different activities in solar energy. This is followed by a range of the instruments that Kipp & Zonen offers, from the entry level SP Lite2 pyranometer to a full solar monitoring station. Other sections contain the latest news, upcoming events, and corporate, distributor and contact information.

To access the new Kipp & Zonen mobile website, simply type “” into the mobile device browser and it will be automatically directed to the correct address.



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