ixmation Roof Captures Sunshine

  • Penang Science Park's solar roof system
    ixmation’s array at Penang Science Park is comprised of 938 CIGS technology solar modules. Image: ixmation Group

ixmation corporate responsibility and commitment to the environment

Among many other products, ixmation builds custom assembly systems for the solar energy industry. The company, which has built many machines that assemble the type of solar array illustrated below, is now using these products itself. ixmation’s new facility in Penang Science Park, Prai, Malaysia is committed to the company’s stance on the environment and corporate responsibility to promote a greener Malaysia. The facility has “walked the talk” by designing an energy-efficient building that includes a solar photovoltaic (PV) system.

ixmation MALAYSIA’s Solar PV system

ixmation’s PV array is an impressive 169.727kWp system made up of 938 new CIGS technology solar modules. Thanks to a specially designed roof cover, these unique cylindrical units each provides a 360-degree photovoltaic surface, for a total of 1200 square meters capable of capturing and converting direct, diffuse and reflected sunlight into electricity.

This is the first installation of its kind in Malaysia.

Savings up to 140 tonnes of CO2 per year

ixmation’s PV system is designed to provide approx. 225MWh of energy yearly. The energy generated will feed into the building’s electrical grid and directly replace imported electricity. This will save the company approximately RM58’000 (based on RM0.26/kWh - Medium Voltage General Industrial Tariff) per year, but more importantly, reduce the carbon footprint by approx 139.5tonnes of CO2/year (equivalent to flying 70 round trips Malaysia - Switzerland).

System works on grid connection basis

Because this is a grid-connected system, no batteries are needed to store the solar electricity. During daylight hours, the energy generated feeds directly into the building’s main AC distribution board to reduce the use of electricity from the grid. If there is excess energy — for example, when there is a factory shutdown — the energy will flow back into the grid. This set-up combines the comfort of a grid connection and the power of solar electricity.


Rated system power 168.727kWp
Expected energy yield Approx. 225’000kWh/year
CO2 savings Approx. 139’500 kg/year
Solar module Cylindrical CIGS Panel
Construction type Retrofit on metal roof



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