ixmation automated assembly and testing lines for PV / Solar productions

ixmation companies are currently working with some of the fastest-growing solar manufacturers around. ixmation NORTH AMERICA has been building custom assembly machines for the solar energy industry since 2003. One of our areas of expertise is that of concentrated photovoltaic.

Concentrated PV focuses a large amount of solar radiation onto a small section of a photovoltaic surface. As you might expect, this is a very high-precision undertaking — and one that, in the words of an ixmation engineer, “We are very good at.”

With years of experience, ixmation engineers and builders are also skilled at several other processes commonly used in solar manufacturing:

• tabbing and stringing — linking a train of components together
• encapsulation — fusing photovoltaic devices and at the same time enveloping them in a protective coating
• framing — placing the encapsulated modules within a cell
• edge deletion — stripping off the photovoltaic substance around the border of the product, both to isolate the active PV region and to allow attachment of wire connections

In addition, ixmation professionals offer other skills that are useful in all fields:

• DFMA (design for manufacturing and assembly) — when the customer is bringing a new product to market, ixmation engineers work with our customer contacts to make the product easier to manufacture. More efficient and less expensive!

• unique form packaging — customers turn to us when their product doesn’t fit one of the many standard packaging shapes on the market
For automated assembly systems, you need look no further. From alternative energy to automotive, ixmation does it all — and does it well.



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