Entegris launches new photovoltaic website

Entegris has announced the launch of a new website for the photovoltaic market:  PVProcessSolutions.com. The site is designed to provide professional and technical staff in the photovoltaic industry with key applications-based information about efficient component, technology or materials for c-Silicon and thin film processes. The site will also offer research from Entegris’ engineering initiatives, including technical presentations and articles.

The photovoltaic website leverages Entegris’ 40 years of experience in high-tech industries to offer process solutions in contamination control, high-performance applications and material transportation solutions (cells, substrates and chemicals). With a portfolio of more than 17,000 products and global manufacturing, customer services and technical support, Entegris is a single-source provider with products and materials that enable users to manage silicon cost more effectively, achieve maximum cell productivity, and reduce manufacturing costs.



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