Energaia 2012 – Huber+Suhner presents the new modular junction box with integrated safety feature

In collaboration with Mersen, Huber+Suhner is developing a safety system for the prevention of fires in PV installations. A smart junction box is part of the system. It is based on the RADOX® SolarBox HM0 by Huber+Suhner. Mersen is presenting this jointly developed solution at Energaia 2012 in Montpellier.

Intelligent connection solution
Mersen, a global expert in electrical safety systems, is extending its HelioProtection range of dedicated products for the PV market with a safety system for photovoltaic installations. This includes an important component: the modular junction box from Huber+Suhner. It consists of the basic RADOX® SolarBox HM0 and an application-specific "Bluebox". The Greeneye electronics developed by Mersen are built into the "Bluebox". Greeneye is equipped with a safety switch and powerline communication, enabling data to be collected on voltage, current and temperature of the connected solar module. Thanks to excellent heat dissipation and the patented thermal separation from the module, the "Bluebox" ensures reliable operation throughout the electronics' service life. It also meets the requirements of Class II and IP67 protection. With a maximum system voltage of 1000 V and a current of up to 12.5 A, the box satisfies all PV-related requirements.

Focused on the needs of the market
The smart junction box reduces the risk of fire in photovoltaic installations. The PV safety system by Mersen detects DC arcs in poor contacts and faulty insulation in the system's modules or wiring. If an electric arc is detected, the integrated power switch automatically shuts down the various modules, thus preventing possible damage. This reflects the future requirements of safety standards for buildings, sensitive installations or roof applications, which will come into force in various countries in the coming years. In addition, the voltage, current and temperature of the solar module can be monitored. This means that the performance of the photovoltaic system can be constantly monitored and optimised as needed.



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