Despatch Industries Sells First UltraFlex™ Firing Furnace to Solar Research Institute of Singapore

  • Despatch UltraFlex
    Despatch UltraFlex

Minneapolis, Minn., U.S.A. September 30, 2009 - Despatch Industries, a leading process technology provider for the solar industry, proudly announces that SERIS (Solar Energy Research Institute of Singapore) will be the first installation of Despatch's new, fast firing furnace, the UltraFlexTM with MicrozoneTM Technology. The UltraFlexTM is a state-of-the-art dryer and firing furnace designed to provide next generation capabilities in performance, profile flexibility and reduced cost of ownership. SERIS has purchased the unit for use in their R&D manufacturing line.

"We are very pleased to partner with Despatch Industries and incorporate their new UltraFlexTM furnace with advanced firing technology into our facility," states Professor Armin Aberle, Deputy CEO and Director of the Silicon Photovoltaics Cluster at SERIS. "The robust control platform and enhanced profile process capabilities will be a great asset to our research and our customers."

Despatch developed new, custom lamps for the UltraFlexTM that operate at optimal levels for extended life and enable maximum absorption of energy into each cell. The company's MicrozoneTM Technology provides customers with infinite profile flexibility, independent of belt speed. MicrozoneTM lamps are configured to create the sharp divisions and tight control necessary to adapt to the industry's ever-changing cell architectures, pastes and selective emitters.

Despatch UltraFlex

"The UltraFlexTM is a revolutionary tool that offers next generation process performance capabilities," states Brian Bunkenburg, Despatch CTO, Solar. "We are glad to provide SERIS with the cutting-edge technology they require to perform testing and evaluation in their research and development institute."

Despatch currently holds the number one market share for metallization firing furnaces and has shipped over 8GW of firing furnace production capacity worldwide. The company's portfolio of firing furnaces is universally recognized for providing uniform, stable and repeatable cavity temperature, the highest yields and lowest cost of ownership. Despatch's technology is the industry standard with profile flexibility for development of new processes and materials.

About SERIS:
SERIS conducts industry-oriented research and development as well as use-inspired basic research in the field of solar energy conversion. The institute collaborates closely with industry.

The mission of SERIS is to conduct research and development for a sustainable energy supply based on solar resources. The institute focuses on the development of materials, components, processes and systems for photovoltaic electricity generation and energy efficient buildings.

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About Despatch Industries:
Despatch Industries partners with solar industry leaders to provide the process technology expertise for integrated solutions that make solar power a viable and affordable energy option. Despatch is consistently recognized for exceptional performance and process quality, optimal cell efficiency, maximum equipment uptime and reduced operating costs.

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