Despatch Industries Receives Patent for Infrared Firing Furnace

Minneapolis, Minn., U.S.A. - June 16, 2009 - Despatch Industries, a leading process technology provider for the solar industry, recently received a patent for their best-selling infrared firing furnace. The company holds over thirty domestic and international patents.

The patent protects the unique design of Despatch's furnace including the first of its kind, push button drop-down chamber which allows the bottom portion of the heat transfer zone to be lowered, allowing internal access for easy cleaning and maintenance. The innovative furnace also features a radiant cooling zone that uses water as the cooling medium. Despatch designed this furnace to achieve high throughput, consistent process repeatability and maximum up-time resulting in consistently high yields, superior product quality and reduced cost of ownership.

Worldwide, Despatch has shipped over 8GW of firing furnace production capacity to the solar industry. The company's firing furnace holds the top market share and is known for providing the highest up-time, highest yields and lowest cost of ownership. Despatch's technology is the industry standard with profile flexibility for development of new processes and materials.

Though Despatch sells this continuous infrared furnace mainly to solar cell manufacturers, this equipment can be used in a variety of industries for heating and treating applications of any material that can benefit from controlled infrared radiation.

Despatch Industries partners with solar industry leaders to provide the process technology expertise for integrated solutions that make solar power a viable and affordable energy option. Despatch is consistently recognized for exceptional performance and process quality, optimal cell efficiency, maximum equipment uptime and reduced operating costs.

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