2BG Sales Milestone

2BG Srl, a leading engineering module equipment supplier, proudly announces that the company has reiceved over 6 milions in sales orders in a very short period of time, since it has in the pv market with its own brand. Italy, USA, Canada, United Arab Emirates, France, Slovenja, Croatia are the countries that give the opportunity to demonstrate the capability and the realibility of 2BG, appreciating the value of its innovative solutions.

“This successful business result is the confirmation of our strong position respecting our competitors, thanks to our engineering team and extremely cost-effective equipment. We expect a significant grow in the module manufacturing market, which is developing a good experience and requires more automation than the past: in this way we are confident in our development of new systems to serve as best the future needs” - this is the comment of Dario Bernardi, Chairman of the Italian 2BG.



Solar Media