2BG s.r.l. delivers first production line for PV modules of 50MW to ITALIA SOLARE INDUSTRIE

The line, delivered at the ex factory of ELECTROLUX, has been working since last December with a production capacity of 25 MW and by the end of next May it will be completed and the production will be at full speed.

This line will be followed by a further expansion of 50MW by the end of July 2010 and subsequently it will be followed by a further line of 50 MW in the first semester  of 2011, bringing the production, at full speed, with a total capacity of 150 MW and allowing ITALIA SOLARE INDUSTRIE to become one of the leading companies in the Italian photovoltaic branch.

Dario Bernardi, Chairman and spokesperson of 2BG Srl declares: "I'm very  satisfy by the choice of ITALIA SOLARE, which fall upon 2BG, since we feel pround to take part in a such important project for the company and for the country in the recognition process of the Italian brand value. This plant will be high technological, in order to offer to Italia Solare Industrie the possibility to produce and develop quality and efficiency in its photovoltaic modules at the highest international levels of efficiency".

Massimo Fojanesi, Administrator of  Italia Solare Industrie,  also stated: "We're extremely pleased about 2BG product and also for the high level of professionalism that the company is daily providing in the technical assistance. We found a partner who throughly understand the logic of a start-up, catching both criticalities and opportunities.

Our choice not by chance is fell on an Italian company: "Together we're contributing to build in the country an entire italian branch for the photovaoltaic product.  Our production process has recently fulfilled to the due diligence process by important international indipendent institutes, which take over  the highest production quality by rewarding also the choice of equipment".



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