2BG, Innovative technology for cell production at 26th EU PVSEC

All the main players of the PV market are focusing in increasing their solar cell efficiency by combining a significant reduction of the production cost, 2BG would like to share its last ongoing R&D technology that removes the use of silver paste by a new process using an absolutely new plating concept.

The research project has started at the beginning of 2010 through the collaboration with Rise
Technology Srl, Italian company founded by researchers of “La Sapienza” University of Rome. Now we are proud to demonstrate that theory is effective applicable in the PV industry, anticipating the forecasted removal of silver past for the 2015 like said from “The Crystalline Silicon PV Technology and Manufacturing”, group of SEMI, confirming 2BG potentiality not only as a common supplier for module equipment.

2BG has organized a conference reserved to the main cell producers to illustrate this latest technology for cells production and giving them the possibility to see the principle of the theory at work, at its booth during the 26th EU PVSEC. The conference will held in presence of the major expert in the PV market, Dr. Mario Tucci of ENEA company, and Prof. Marco Balucani of “La Sapienza” University of Rome.

Don’t lose the opportunity to change your future strategy, being more competitive and innovative!



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