With its range of state of the art materials and services, Umicore is helping PV cell and module manufacturers meet the challenge in minimising their total cost of materials ownership whilst fully maximising the performance of their products.

Through its various business units, Umicore supplies the following:

  • Sputtering targets - a full range of planar and rotary
  • High purity selenium and indium evaporation materials
  • Polished germanium substrates prepared ready for the build up of very high efficiency multi junction III-V cells for both space and terrestrial CPV applications
  • Specially designed silver components that optimise the operation of Siemens type polycrystalline Si refining reactors
  • Organo-metallic complexes such as the ruthenium based dyes employed in DSSC
  • Highly efficient and environmentally sustainable recycling services for valorising production scrap containing silver and minor metals such indium, gallium and selenium
  • BIPV elements based on Umicore's zinc sheet roofing and façade modules
  • Silver components for polysilicon manufacturing equipment.



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