Prediktor has supplied Manufacturing Execution Systems (MES) to the solar industry since 2002. MES solutions are used to optimize production processes, find and solve root causes of process deviations and make daily plant operation more efficient. Our MES solution and its powerful analysis tools is also very advantageous during production ramp-up, when quickly increasing the up-time and efficiency of equipment and the throughput and quality of products is crucial for success.

Prediktor has experience working with almost all major PV equipment vendors and has experience with most types of PV production. Together with our long industry experience this virtually guarantees a risk free MES implementation.

Our proprietary software solution, APIS, stores huge amounts of data in a structured way facilitating functionalities for real-time and historical reporting and process analysis on production volumes, inventory, production effectiveness, resource utilization and production history related to products, process units and raw material supplies allowing for easy deviation handling, daily operation and optimization of silicon, wafer, cell, module and thin film production processes.



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