Pfeiffer Vacuum

Pfeiffer Vacuum – a name that stands for innovative solutions, high technology, dependable products and first-class service. For more than 120 years, we have been setting standards in vacuum technology with these attributes. One very special milestone was the invention of the turbopump at our Company more than 50 years ago. Thanks to our know-how, we continue to be the technology and world market leader in this field. To no small degree, this also manifests itself in our extremely high profitability.

It is our passion for perfection that drives everything we do. Our quest to supply each and every customer with a perfect vacuum solution is what spurs us on time and time again to top achievements. Our fascination with vacuum and the opportunities it offers for industrial manufacturing processes and research can be seen in all of our activities. Our long years of experience are based upon dealing intensively with physical processes and chemical reactions under vacuum conditions. Day in and day out, we are putting this experience to work to the benefit of our customers.
Our extensive line of solutions, products and services ranges from vacuum pumps, measurement and analysis equipment right through to vacuum chambers and complex systems. And quality always plays a key role in this connection: Products from Pfeiffer Vacuum are constantly being optimized through close collaboration with customers from a wide variety of industries, through ongoing development work and through the enormous enthusiasm and commitment of our people.



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