Op-tection GmbH

Op-tection GmbH is a metrology company with a strong background in high-tech industries, such as photovoltaic and flat panel display.

From experience, we know that ensuring 20+ years performance for your solar products is not something to be taken lightly. Therefore we assist manufacturers of solar cells and modules to utilize state of the art technology to ensure consistent high product quality and maximum efficiency.

We do this by using our knowledge and experience in developing and implementing metrology solutions, that span the entire value chain of silicon based as well as thin film solar cell production.

Our product family OSIS, or - Op-tection Solar Inspection Systems - is available to inspect every process step, from wafer to ready module. All machines are designed and optimized to measure inline. In addition, efficient and precise stand-alone machines are available as well, for offline testing and R&D work.

We are proud that OSIS products have helped our customers to operate more competitively. You are cordially invited to find out how your operation benefits from our systems!



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