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  • Goodfellow Corporation

    Goodfellow is well known as a specialist supplier of small to medium size quantities of pure metals, alloys, ceramics, and polymers, as well as crucibles and specialist glass, to meet the research, development and specialized production requirements of science and industry worldwide. The company supplies materials in a wide range of forms, including discs, sheets, foils, films, lump, powder, rods, wires, and tubes.

  • Inductotherm Group/IHWT Radyne

    IHWT Radyne and the Inductotherm Group offer a wide variety of induction heating equipment for the many different crystal growing processes.

  • Kingspan Ltd.

    Kingspan Ltd. are the largest division of the Kingspan Group, and within our core area of business, we have established an enviable position as a global leader in the design and manufacture of high quality insulated roof and wall systems for the construction industry. Through-wall solutions, Solar PV, structural products, controlled environments and fall protection systems are also part of our extensive product portfolio.

  • Lock Solar

    Lock Solar is a global company which designs, engineers and manufactures Solar Mounting Systems for the Solar PV market. Our mounting solutions are designed to meet the needs of any type of Solar installation including residential, corporate and utility scale customers.

  • Multi-Contact AG

    Multi-Contact is a leading provider of photovoltaic connector systems, offering a broad range of connectors, cables and junction boxes for the PV industry.

  • PV Enterprise Sweden AB

    PV Enterprise is one of Sweden’s leading developers and manufacturers of solar cell panels. Our company, which is clearly characterised by its Swedish origins, was founded in Vilshult, Blekinge in 2002. Technical know-how, a desire to continually develop, and an uncompromising attitude towards quality and service are our company’s foremost, distinctive features.

  • Raytek/Datapaq

    Founded in 1984, Datapaq, a Fluke company, has joined Ircon and Raytek as Global Experts in Temperature Measurement & Profiling. Datapaq manufactures in-process temperature profiling systems that provide key information on the effectiveness of industrial heating processes. Using the most advanced and tested techniques for accurately gathering and storing information, Datapaq has created industry specific standards to analyze, synthesize and report information in a precise and succinct manner.

  • Solar Panels UK

    Solar Panels UK is a UK solar energy resource website offering a range of guides and free solar tools to help UK consumers make an informed decision when considering solar as a renewable energy source.

  • TalkSolarPanels

    Find up to four local solar installers and get free quotes across the UK and France for residential or commercial systems.

  • Tata Power Solar Systems Limited

    Tata Power Solar (TPS) is a fully integrated solar solutions provider in India. The company operates independently as a wholly owned subsidiary of Tata Power. Founded in 1989, TPS was originally formed as a joint venture between Tata Power and British Petroleum Solar (BP Solar). TPS has a combined manufacturing output of 180 MW of modules and 180 MW of cells.



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