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  • acp-IT AG

    acp-IT merges all its expertise knowledge about manufacturing processes and state of the art IT technologies in the development and implementation of the InFrame Synapse MES software platform family. Our goal is to provide a plug and play MES solution, which has been intensively tested by simulation and emulation of the virtual fab-model prior to implementation.

  • AIS Automation Dresden GmbH

    AIS Automation Dresden with its more than 150 employees is a high-performance, innovative software house and a long-term reliable partner for its customers since 1990. AIS is active in the business fields Manufacturing Automation/System Integration, Control Systems/Host Interfaces, Process Automation/System Control and Control Systems/Software Solutions for Railway Technology. New innovative markets such as MES for the solar industry are the basis for continual and prosperous company growth. Many years of experience in the field of complex control systems and production oriented IT solutions are the basis for versatile and demanding software solutions in the semiconductor, photovoltaic, automotive, pharmaceutical and railway industries.

  • Camstar Systems, Inc.

    Camstar is a leading innovator of software solutions that advance product quality in the manufacturing industry, enabling its customers to deliver the highest quality products on time, the first time, every time. The Camstar Enterprise Platform advances product quality throughout the product lifecycle, from design to planning to supply to manufacturing to customer product experience – all in a closed-loop learning process that allows future products to be designed better and manufacturing processes to be leaner and more efficient. Camstar is the largest in its market, including solutions for manufacturing execution, process planning, enterprise quality management, and manufacturing intelligence.

  • Critical Manufacturing, S.A.

    Critical Manufacturing provides software solutions for advanced manufacturing sectors, including semiconductor, solar and electronics. Navigo is a new generation Manufacturing Execution System that through a state of the art technology, provides increased productivity and quality, at a lowered complexity and total cost of ownership.

  • Eyelit, Inc.

    Eyelit’s mission is to deliver easy-to-use, high-quality manufacturing management solutions that increase productivity, worker performance, and the bottom line for customers. Originally an integration software provider, Eyelit leveraged years of production experience to develop an innovative technology that enabled any legacy MES to quickly connect to other factory and ERP systems. Products that greatly enhanced the performance of MES, such as asset management, product costing, and quality management, soon followed. Eyelit’s MES and platform-independent products are uniquely suited to coordinate and manage operations, regardless of individual factory systems, across a broader scope than a single factory.


    MAGE SOLAR AG with headquarters in Ravensburg (Germany), part of the globally operating MAGE GROUP, is a manufacturer with a wide-ranging network of affiliates and provides optimally aligned components for all solar projects

  • Meyer Burger Technology Ltd

    Meyer Burger Technology Ltd is one of the world’s leading providers of innovative systems and production lines for photovoltaics in the solar industry. The globally active technology group employs more than 1000 people across three continents. Meyer Burger offers its customers comprehensive solutions and complimentary technologies along the entire value chain including wafering, cells, modules and integrated solar systems.

  • Prediktor

    Prediktor has supplied Manufacturing Execution Systems (MES) to the solar industry since 2002. MES solutions are used to optimize production processes, find and solve root causes of process deviations and make daily plant operation more efficient. Our MES solution and its powerful analysis tools is also very advantageous during production ramp-up, when quickly increasing the up-time and efficiency of equipment and the throughput and quality of products is crucial for success.

  • Roth & Rau AG

    Roth & Rau was founded in 1990 as a surface coating processes company. For almost 10 years, Roth & Rau has been operating in the division of photovoltaics and is one of the worldwide leading providers of production equipment for the manufacture of crystalline silicon solar cells. The company produces systems for solar cells’ antireflective coating.



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