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  • Targray Technology International Inc.

    Founded in 1989, Targray Technology is a leading worldwide supplier of solar silicon and advanced materials and consumables to the Solar industry. Targray offers a full-line of innovative Photovoltaic materials which enable manufacturers to maximize their solar cell and module quality and reliability.

  • Alconox, Inc.

    Alconox, Inc. manufactures a full line of critical cleaning detergents for a wide range of hard surface cleaning applications. Our detergents are sold throughout the United States and in over 40 countries worldwide.

  • Coherent Inc.

    Founded in 1966, Coherent has production and research facilities spanning the world, supplying everything from laser systems and components to laser measurement and control products and precision optics to over 80 countries. Markets for Coherent’s products include microelectronics (which includes semiconductor test and measurement, flat panel display manufacturing, and advanced packaging), scientific research and government programs, materials processing, and OEM components and instrumentation (which includes such areas as biotechnology, medical imaging and treatment).

  • Docter Optics GmbH

    Docter Optics is the international market and technology leader in molded optical components with complex surface geometries or regular contours. Special process technology developed by Docter Optics is clearly superior to the conventional technology used to produce such components and is especially suitable for high-volume production.

  • Edwards

    Edwards is the world’s leading provider of innovative vacuum and exhaust gas treatment products for the Solar, Flat Panel, and Semiconductor Industries. Our global install base is a testimonial of solar manufacturers all over the world relying upon Edwards’ leading edge products, technological expertise, and global service support to achieve lowest cost per watt.

  • Entegris

    For more than 40 years, Entegris has provided products, materials and systems that purify, protect and transport the critical materials that enable the world’s leading technologies. Offering proven knowledge in materials science and contamination control, Entegris allows you to enhance cell efficiency, increase productivity and improve process control.

  • Evans Analytical Group (EAG)

    Evans Analytical Group (EAG), with its wide array of analysis techniques and world-class scientists, can provide fast, state-of-the-art measurements that can give you the insight you need to improve your products and manufacturing processes. EAG serves photovoltaic companies worldwide by providing advanced materials characterization services to help improve knowledge of both materials and processes.

    EAG serves companies working in the following areas and with the following technologies: raw materials suppliers; suppliers, processors and users of single crystal silicon, multicrystalline silicon and polysilicon; thin film users and producers, including amorphous silicon, CdTe, CIGS and III-V structures.

  • JA Woollam Co.,

    J. A. Woollam Co., Inc. is a manufacturer of spectroscopic ellipsometers for non-destructive thin film and bulk material characterization. We offer ellipsometers covering a spectral range to meet any need (from the vacuum UV to the far IR). Our ellipsometers come with many upgrade options: automated sample translation, variable temperature (heating or cooling), focusing optics, liquid cells, etc.

  • Komax

    Komax is a global supplier of module manufacturing machines. By investing continuously, Komax has expanded its product portfolio significantly in recent years. Today the company covers the entire spectrum from individual processes such as stringing through to integration of entire production lines. We offer professional service back-up in over 50 countries and our many years of experience in photovoltaics have made Komax a strong and reliable partner for the development and industrial optimization of customer-specific processes.

  • LayTec

    LayTec offers compound semiconductor process monitoring instrumentation, especially for LED production. Additionally, we offer advanced in-line metrology, designed and optimized for large-area deposition techniques such as amorphous, polycrystalline and organic thin-films.



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