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  • Envision Solar

    Envision Solar is an experienced developer of solar products and proprietary technology solutions. The company’s chief differentiator is its ability to design and engineer architecturally accretive solar shaded parking solutions as products that are a complex integration of simple, commonly available engineered components. The resulting products are built to have the longest life expectancy in the industry while also delivering a highly appealing architectural enhancement to our customer’s parking lots. Envision’s designs deliver multiple layers of value such as reduction of heat islanding through shading, improved parking through shading, high visibility “green halo” branding, reduction of net operating costs through reduced utility bills, and the creation of an iconic luxury landmark where simple parking previously existed.

  • Hanwha SolarOne (Qidong) Co., Ltd.

    Hanwha SolarOne is a leading global PV manufacturer. Our goal is to bring the best value to our customers by offering the latest advances in solar technology and vertically integrated manufacturing solutions, worldwide.

  • Jiangsu ZOF New Energy Co.,Ltd.

    Jiangsu ZOF New Energy is a large-scale enterprise engaged in research and development and production of grid-connected photovoltaic system integration equipment. The company has established an enterprise workstation and post-doctoral research station, as well as establishing a research and development centre in Shanghai. They are also represented by several internationally-renowned senior technical personnel in the photovoltaic field.

  • Kingspan Ltd.

    Kingspan Ltd. are the largest division of the Kingspan Group, and within our core area of business, we have established an enviable position as a global leader in the design and manufacture of high quality insulated roof and wall systems for the construction industry. Through-wall solutions, Solar PV, structural products, controlled environments and fall protection systems are also part of our extensive product portfolio.

  • PV Enterprise Sweden AB

    PV Enterprise is one of Sweden’s leading developers and manufacturers of solar cell panels. Our company, which is clearly characterised by its Swedish origins, was founded in Vilshult, Blekinge in 2002. Technical know-how, a desire to continually develop, and an uncompromising attitude towards quality and service are our company’s foremost, distinctive features.

  • SunPower

    SunPower designs, manufactures and delivers the highest efficiency solar electric technology worldwide.

  • TalkSolarPanels

    Find up to four local solar installers and get free quotes across the UK and France for residential or commercial systems.



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