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  • EFD Inc.

    EFD, Inc., a subsidiary of Nordson Corporation, has been awarded the 2009 International Solar Cell Award for the Best Technical Product for Photovoltaic Module Assembly.  The award was presented at the 2009 InterSolar Exhibition in Munich, Germany with over two-thousand registered industry participants and nine expert industry judges voting.

  • Nordson EFD

    During the past 10 years, Nordson EFD has helped numerous solar companies worldwide achieve a higher level of product innovation and process optimization. Through the use of our precision dispensing systems, components, and solder pastes, both crystalline silicone and thin-film module manufacturers have improved their product offerings. Our global experience and support can help to identify areas of competitive advantage, whether that advantage is based on higher productivity, improved module quality, lower $/W, or advancements in technology.



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