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  • Targray Technology International Inc.

    Founded in 1989, Targray Technology is a leading worldwide supplier of solar silicon and advanced materials and consumables to the Solar industry. Targray offers a full-line of innovative Photovoltaic materials which enable manufacturers to maximize their solar cell and module quality and reliability.

  • Bekaert Advanced Coatings NV

    Bekaert is a total solution provider for rotatable sputter equipment, working closely with its customers to upgrade from planar to cylindrical rotating technology: higher target utilization and deposition rates, higher process stability, higher sputter efficiency and reduced coater downtime all combine to bring down the overall cost of PV cell production.

  • Entegris

    For more than 40 years, Entegris has provided products, materials and systems that purify, protect and transport the critical materials that enable the world’s leading technologies. Offering proven knowledge in materials science and contamination control, Entegris allows you to enhance cell efficiency, increase productivity and improve process control.

  • Hanita Coatings

    Hanita Coatings is a leading converter of engineered films, with 30 years’ experience in the development and processing of high barrier filmic laminates. Hanita manufactures DuraShield PVDF backsheet laminates for the protection and insulation of photovoltaic modules, and specializes in the customization and development of backsheet solutions tailored to specific requirements.

  • Op-tection GmbH

    Op-tection GmbH is a metrology company with a strong background in high-tech industries, such as photovoltaic and flat panel display.

  • Robert Bürkle GmbH

    Bürkle is among the world market leaders in the field of lamination and surface-finishing technologies. With a staff of 680 employees, we plan and manufacture e. g. machines and lines for the photovoltaics, printed circuit board, plastic card and woodworking industry. Owing to an above-average expenditure for research and development and the high technological standards, our machines and lines are well known beyond German boarders. This year Bürkle company, which is situated in the Black Forest in southwestern Germany, will celebrate its 90th anniversary.

  • Von Ardenne

    The company’s key competence in photovoltaics lies in thin-film technologies, which are used to manufacture different kinds of solar cells. VON ARDENNE supplies highly-productive in-line coaters in all customary sizes for TCO-layers, backside contacts and semiconductor layers based on CIS or CdTe.



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