Linde Electronics

The Linde Group is a world leader in industrial gases and engineering with around 50,000 employees working in 100 countries worldwide.  In the clean energy field, with its unique technologies, capability and global footprint, Linde is at the forefront of the emerging hydrogen economy, active in CO2 capture & storage, and leading the development of innovative waste-to-energy schemes.

In photovoltaics Linde supplies gases and chemicals to leading crystalline and thin-film cell manufacturers worldwide, and is firmly focused on increasing sustainability and reducing cost per watt.

We develop innovative technologies that help the industry:

  • reduce CO2 footprint
  • reduce materials consumption
  • increase productivity
  • improve cell efficiency.

For example our on-site fluorine generation technology combines cost savings with elimination of emissions from CVD chamber cleaning - the process step with typically the highest usage of global warming gases in thin film silicon cell manufacturing.

Our global reach gives you unparalleled access to our wide range of capabilities and best operating practices, which include:

  •     Ultra-high purity bulk atmospheric gases
  •     On-site gas generation
  •     Cylinder gases
  •     Speciality & wet process chemicals
  •     On-site fluorine generation
  •     Gas recovery & recycling
  •     Turn-key design & engineering
  •     On-site gas and chemical management



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