ixmation Group

Automation Systems

ixmation Group is one of the leading worldwide providers for assembly and testing automation systems. We provide high-quality tailored solutions with full operations capabilities and support -- all from one source -- to cover the entire manufacturing process. ixmation creates a vibrant hub for our customers to share a professional experience and convey their assembly technology needs into automation systems.

Engineering standards

ixmation meets its customers' high level of expectations regarding quality, precision, productivity and flexibility, providing custom-made, economical equipment solutions.

Engineering partnerships have been ixmation's unique signature in the solar marketplace, other alternative energies. We are full-service automated resources, and these full service facilities are centrally located in the USA, Europe, Asia and S.E. Asia.

Assembly Technology

ixmation's applications engineering and process development team worked closely with the customer over a long period of time to finalize a design concept that perfectly fit their requirements. ixmation targets customers who are ready to take the production of their new technology products into an automated high-volume mode. These technologies and products provide a perfect fit for ixmation as we maintain our corporate direction and strategy for growth in the renewable and alternative energy industries.

Assembly Automation

With four companies worldwide - including the North America, Malaysia and two locations in China - over 400 ixmation professionals and specialist are developing and building custom engineered assembly automation for both the continental and global production markets.

Over the last decade ixmation has established strong foundations in the Alternative Energy market including Fuel Cells, Electrochemical Energy Storage (EES), Monocrystalline, Photovoltaic, and Concentrated Solar Power.

ixmation's process portfolio includes:

• Odd form and precision part handling, placement and assembly
• Vision based placement systems and defect inspection
• Point to point automated wiring and soldering
• Roll to roll film handling
• Automatic sheet film cutting
• Bonding processes, soldering, laser welding, adhesive dispense and curing
• Hermetic sealing
• Laser and blast ablation (edge deletion)
• Various oven and UV curing methods
• Laminating
• Tabbing and stringing
• Robotic and conveyor integration
• Module manufacturing
• Machine replication services (Build to Print)



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